Coworking cafes in Odessa Ukraine

The Best Coworking Spaces And Cafes For Working In Odessa, Ukraine

I didn’t know quite what to expect from Ukraine, before I landed here. I certainly didn’t expect to find an undiscovered haven for digital nomads and remote workers in Ukraine’s quickly growing collection¬†of busy coworking spaces and anti-cafes.

The anti-cafe concept is relatively new, beginning in Russia in 2011, and spread across Ukraine and several other post-Soviet countries over the next few years. Instead of charging for drinks and food, anti-cafes charge per hour, and give away tea, coffee, and snacks for free.

Most anti-cafes have desks and chairs for working, beanbags and sofas for relaxing, and many have a collection or board games, consoles for hanging out with friends, meeting rooms, and even cozy theatre rooms. They all have fast Wifi. Think of Ukraine’s anti-cafes as a Silicon Valley-esque¬†startup office that you can use whenever you want.

After spending a week working out of several spots in Odessa,¬†here are the top spots I’d recommend checking out if you’re looking for a cafe with wifi to work from or a coworking space in Odessa, Ukraine.

Impact HUB Odessa

Impact HUB Odessa

Stretching over four floors, Impact HUB in Odessa is more than just an anti-cafe or coworking space, it’s also an event venue and gathering place for startup and social entrepreneurs in Odessa.

The ground floor “Living Room” is a drop-in space for daily or hourly workers, with ample desks, beanbags, and a barista to make a fresh coffee for you.

Address:¬†Hrets’ka St, 1–ź
Price: 50 UAH for 3 hours – 100 UAH for 1 day

Terminal 42

Terminal 42 Odessa

Terminal 42 is another huge anti-cafe style coworking space in the open plan loft on the¬†top floor of an office building in downtown Odessa. There’s also several meeting rooms (one with only beanbags), and a table tennis table.

Address:¬†Uspens’ka St, 44
Price: 100 UAH for 1 day

New York Coffee

New York Coffee Odessa

New York Coffee is a cozy¬†spot to hang out and relax on the many couches and comfy chairs. There’s a collection of board games, and a couple of big TVs with consoles. This was a quiet spot downtown during the day to get some work done.

Address: Sadova St, 14
Price: 30 UAH for the first hour, then 15 UAH for every following hour

Perron 7

Perron7 Odessa

I didn’t make it to Perron 7 during my time¬†in Odessa, but this space gets a mention for a few reasons. Perron 7 is half anti-cafe, and half hostel. As well as the cafe, theatre and event space, there’s a bedroom with bunks for sleeping (included in the 150 UAH daily fee, including breakfast).

Address:¬†Mala Arnauts’ka St, 56
Price: 150 UAH for 24 hours, including breakfast