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The Best Prepaid Sim Cards In Australia

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After recently returning to Australia, I’ve been on the hunt for the best value prepaid sim card.

Between three big telcos, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, and no less than 9 MVNO operators to choose from, there are plenty of options prepaid options available – even before you start comparing different plans and add-on packages.

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I generally found the MVNOs to offer better value than the big telcos, and despite not always having access to the exact same network coverage, 4G data speeds appear to be more than adequate.

I narrowed my search down to Aldi Mobile, Kogan Mobile, and Amaysim, the three prepaid sim providers who appeared to offer the best value, especially for large data users.

Aldi Mobile

Aldi Mobile uses a slightly downgraded version of the Telstra mobile network (reaching over 98.5% of the population), however, I’ve never noticed any speed issues.

You can order an Aldi mobile sim online, or at the checkout of any Aldi store. The sim cards sold in Aldi stores now come as a 3 size sim (standard, micro, and nano-sim) for $5 and include $5 credit towards your first top-up, making the sim effectively free.

Kogan Mobile

Kogan Mobile, owned by online retailer Kogan, uses the Vodafone 4G network, covering over 95% of the population. Sim cards are only available online, but include free delivery, if you can wait a few days to receive your sim.


Amaysim uses the Optus 4G network. Amaysim’s biggest advantage is that you can pick up a sim from almost any Coles, Woolworths, Big W, 7-Eleven or Australia Post store.

Prepaid Mobile Plans & Packs

All of the prepaid mobile sim providers that I compared have a number of plans available. With the exception of Aldi Mobile’s smallest two plans, all of the plans compared here have unlimited calls and texts. The main difference between plans is the data allowance.

The Best Budget Prepaid Plan

It’s possible to get a great prepaid plan for $20 or less per month in Australia with a call and data allowance that will suit the needs of most people. Here I’ve compared the best budget prepaid plans from my selected three providers.

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The clear winner for the best budget prepaid plan is Aldi Mobile’s M pack, offering 1.5GB of data, 750 minutes of calls, and unlimited text messages for $20. Even though Kogan offers unlimited calls for a lower price, the 750 minutes included in Aldi’s M pack should be more than enough for most causal phone users. Aldi’s M pack also wins this category for data price per GB.

The Best Mid-Range Prepaid Plan

In this category, I’ve compared prepaid mobile plans over $20, with less than 5GB of data. All plans in this category come with unlimited calls and texts, so we’re mostly comparing data allowance and value.

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Kogan Mobile’s Medium pack wins this category wins this category by tiny margin. Amaysim’s Unlimited 3GB plan has the same allowance, at the same price, however the Kogan Medium pack expires every 30 days, while Amaysim requires topping up every 28 days – that’s an additional top-up per year.

The Best Prepaid Plan With Lots Of Data

Here I’ve compared prepaid mobile plans with huge data allowances. All of these plans also come with unlimited calls and texts.

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Kogan Mobile’s Large and Extra Large packs are the clear winner in this category, with the cheapest data allowance per GB, and larger data allowances than Aldi and Amaysim’s similarly priced plans.

Found A Better Prepaid Mobile Sim Plan?

I’ve compared these plans based on the best long-term value. Many telco’s offer signup discounts and bonus data allowances that often expire after just a few months. If you think you’ve found a better prepaid mobile plan or offer, let me know in the comments below!

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