The Best Places In Brisbane With Free Wifi For Working

Fast, free wifi used to be tough to find in Brisbane, but the┬ácity seems to have come along way over the last few years. The city council now offers fast free wifi (with a 250mb limit) in many public spaces, and there’s┬áno shortage of cafes now with decent free wifi – check out this great list and map on Visit Brisbane.

Being in town for a month, a decent chair, air conditioning, and power outlets were all high on my list of priorities for somewhere to work. Cafes are great for working for an hour or two, but ordering tea all day could get expensive quickly.

There’s no shortage of co-working spaces in Brisbane, but I was convinced that it’s possible to find a decent place to work for free. Here are a couple of my favourites.

SLQ Business Studio

SLQ business studio - free wifi and coworking in Brisbane

Brisbane city council libraries all offer free wifi, although it’s not always the fastest, and desks with power outlets can be hard to find. The State Library of Queensland now appears to have an upgraded internet connection that can handle the hoards of wifi hungry users in the Infozone, but finding a good desk can also be a challenge, and the children’s play area can get more than a little noisy at times.

State Library of Queensland business Studio - free coworking and fast wifi in Brisbane

Tucked away from the main library entrance, the SLQ Business Studio – a space dedicated to supporting local startups and businesses – solves all of these problems. There are plenty of desks with comfortable office chairs and numerous power outlets available in a quiet environment, with a fast dedicated wifi connection that’s separate┬áfrom the main free library wifi.

The business studio is essentially a free co-working space within the library, perfect for freelancers or startups looking for a regular place to work. Say hi to the staff at the front desk to get set up – it’s completely free.

Riverside Centre Lobby

Riverside Centre - free wifi and comfortable chairs with power outlets for working in Brisbane

This office tower lobby has become one of my favourite places to spend a few hours or more working in the city. The huge lobby has more than 40 comfortable arm chairs with side tables, plenty of couches, and desk space for at least 12 people with power outlets.

There are at least three free wifi options too – you can connect to the Riverside Centre’s own free connection, Brisbane city council wifi, or a free connection from a nearby ANZ bank branch. I never had any trouble getting online here.

Free wifi for working in Brisbane at Riverside Centre lobby

Outside of the morning and lunchtime rush, with office workers making their way to the lifts, the place is usually completely empty. Theres a cafe with drinks and food on one side of the lobby, but most of the seating is in a separate area on the far side. You won’t feel obliged to buy anything if you don’t want to.

It’s an unlikely spot, but a great place to easily find a power outlet and a decent wifi connection to spend a few hours working in the middle of the city.

Where’s the best place in Brisbane to work with free wifi?

If you’ve found somewhere better to work with comfortable chairs, plenty of power outlets, and free wifi in Brisbane, let me know in the comments below.

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